Take Back Control of Your Home With Our Disaster Restoration Services

After disaster strikes it’s easy to feel disoriented and out of control. Our disaster recovery services help you put your home back together so you can get back to normal life.

Disaster Restoration Services in Fort Mill SC

We provide non-emergency services for fixing most major types of household disasters in Fort Mill and the surrounding areas. From water removal for natural disasters like flood or fire, to biohazard cleanup, we’re equipped and trained for the job.

Biohazard Clean up Columbia, Fort Mill South Carolina

Water Damage Restoration

Whether it is caused by a burst pipe, storm damage, or even from fire fighting efforts, water intrusion needs to be addressed before moisture leads to mold. We offer water damage repair, water extraction, and dehumidification services, preventing mold and mildew from being able to take hold.

Hoarder clean up and sanitization Columbia, Fort Mill South Carolina

Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding is more than just accumulated clutter, and hoarding cleanup is more than junk removal; it is not uncommon to encounter severe insect infestations and biohazardous materials throughout the home. If you have a hoarding situation to handle, let our professionals help.

Biohazard Clean up Columbia, Fort Mill South Carolina

Mold Remediation Services

Prompt mold removal is essential because mold in your home can lead to chronic health problems, bad smells, and damage to your home. Our experts are trained in identification, removal, and prevention of all types of household mold growth, including dangerous black mold.

Biohazard Clean up Columbia, Fort Mill South Carolina

Biohazard Cleanup

The aftermath of an unattended or violent death includes grieving and sorrow, as well as unsafe, biohazardous conditions. Don’t take on this responsibility yourself, but instead let professionals handle it. We have the training to safely clean, disinfect, and deodorize the affected areas.

We Work With Insurance Companies

In many cases, flood damage, fire damage, and natural disaster related property damage is covered by homeowners insurance. We will work with you and your insurance company to help you get your home back in order.

Expert Service Comes From Expert Training

A core component of our business is training. Our licensed, insured and certified specialists are equipped to handle your situation! From mold damage to biohazard cleanup, we have the protective equipment to stay safe and skills to get your home back in order.

We’re Only Finished When You’re Happy With the Results

At Cramer Environmental we don’t consider our job done until your problem has been completely handled. After our specialists have completed their restoration services you’ll receive a follow-up call – if you have any remaining concerns let us know and we’ll take care of it!

A Commitment to Customer Service

Everybody says it, but so many Fort Mill area disaster restoration companies get it wrong. From your first phone call, to our technician’s visit, to follow-up calls you can expect an unrelenting commitment to your satisfaction. We don’t just want customers, we want raving fans.

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With our office in Fort Mill, SC we are able to provide disaster and water damage restoration services from Rock Hill SC to Charlotte North Carolina.

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