We Train For Excellence

At Cramer Environmental we believe in constantly developing our skills. We’re not content to rest on our laurels and so we hold regular training sessions for all levels of our team to keep our skills sharp and knowledge current.

Cramer Environmental and Pest Services. Columbia, Fort Mill South Carolina

Bringing Order to Chaos

When disaster strikes it’s normal to feel out of control. From flood damage to personal tragedies, household disasters force us from our homes and disrupt our lives. At Cramer Environmental we’re here to help put your home back together. Our team of professionals have the tools and training necessary to let you safely return to your home and keep your property safe.

Disaster Restoration is More Than Just Cleaning Up

If disaster restoration was as simple as cleaning up, anyone could do it. But the reality is that disaster restoration includes controlling the situation to prevent the damage from worsening, clean-up, repair, and customer service.

The first step in any disaster restoration project is ensuring that the problem doesn’t get worse. Water damage is one of the most common disasters that homeowners face, stemming from floods, storm damage, or even the water that firefighters use to control fires. Drying out your home quickly is critical, as mold forms fast and causes even more damage than the water itself.

After your home has been secured against further damage, our team of professionals will start to repair any damage that has occurred. If mold has already set in we’ll use a comprehensive cleaning system to eliminate the mold from your home permanently. All mold remediation projects come with a 5-year mold free guarantee, certificate of mold remediation, and photos of our process and results.

Finally, none of these services take place in a vacuum. Throughout the process our technicians and staff will be interacting with you while working in and around your home. A core part of our business is to ensure that we respect you, your time, and your property. We don’t just say that this is a part of our business – we train for this. When you work with us, you’ll notice the difference.

Our Unrelenting Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

After each time we visit you will receive a call from us, asking you whether or not you’re happy with the service you received. Unlike other companies, we’re not just recording this information and filing it away.

If you aren’t happy with the results, we’ll come back until you are! This is our promise: we’re only finished when your problem is solved.


With our office in Fort Mill, SC we are able to provide disaster and water damage restoration services from Rock Hill SC to Charlotte North Carolina.

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